21 Jun 2017

mexican corridos (1956)


1 - guty y chalin - corrido de cananea
2 - trovadores tamaulipecos - la rejeca (fandanguito)
3 - cancioneros de sonora - el arreglo religioso
4 - cancioneros de los santos - toma de gelava
5 - cancioneros de los santos - andava ausente simon
6 - a. lorca - prietita de ojos negros
7 - a. lorca y s.quiroz - la vaquilla
8 - macario y f.gonzales - el minero

liner notes included 



  1. What a great album. Thank you

  2. This is wonderful. Thanks and all good wishes,


  3. i hope you are alright and come back soon
    miss you and your amazing post

  4. yes i am alright and i think i will be back next year
    dont hesitate to send me a pm, if you have questions...

  5. My dear yoyo. Many thanks for sharing. I've found the COMPLETE leaflet of this compilation by The Smithsonian Folkways. I can't imagine how they could put such a low quality list of contents. This si NOT your fault, but those of The Smithsonian Folkways. For example: "Toma de Gelava"? Where they did found this title? The CORRECT NAME is "Toma de Celaya" (Gelava doesn't exist!). "Andava ausente Simon"? The correct writing for "andava" is ANDABA. "A. Lorca" for song 6? Who is A. Lorca? After a long, loooong search I couldn't find any A. Lorca -whatever the "A."could mean- (not to say A. Lorca y S. Quiroz for song 7). In addition, on the section of lyrics, the titles of songs are WRONG (and some times the lyrics themselves). Being The Smithsonian Folkways a SERIOUS compiler, these are SERIOUS flaws. Again, many thanks to you for sharing this jewels.

  6. link corrected, sorry folks